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    Grass Type Mono Teams


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    Grass Type Mono Teams

    Post by HarvstootH on Fri Jul 11, 2014 5:31 am

    Grass Type Mono Team
    The ins and outs of running the perfect team

    One of the most abundant types of Pokemon, Grass Type has some great utilities and some unfortunate shortcomings. With a wide variety of Pokemon and type combinations, there are many different uses for these helpful little plants. There is almost always a slot on your team for a Grass Type Pokemon. However, what happens when you construct a team around this type? Well... let's tend to our garden and find out.

    1. Access to Spikes, Toxic Spikes, Stealth Rocks, and Sticky Web.
    2. Access to 15 of the 17 other types, though some more than others.
    3. A wide variety of healing moves.
    4. Immunity to Leech Seed and Spore.

    1. Weakness to 5 types, 4 of them very common.
    2. Resisted by 7 of the 18 types.
    3. Grass teams tend to be more defensive than offensive.
    4. U-Turn. This in and of itself is a huge issue with how common it is in the current meta.

    Attack pros and cons

    Super effective against
    Water, Ground, Rock

    Resisted by
    Fire, Grass, Poison, Flying, Bug, Dragon, Steel

    Defense pros and cons

    Weak to
    Fire, Ice, Poison, Flying, Bug

    Resistant to
    Water, Electric, Grass, Ground

    Overall Description

    Overall, Grass Type is an extremely fun type to use. The pace of the battle is almost entirely in your control and there are a few nasty tricks you can use to ensure frustration on your opponent's part. However, with it's abundant and common weaknesses it is also easy to get swept. It's for this reason that most people shy away from Grass Mono Teams. But for those brave enough to give it a shot, there are benefits for this team that cannot be attained by any other type.

    Detailed Description

    With so many Pokemon, your Grass Mono Team can be anything that you want it to be. Hyper offensive, stall, balance, trollish, etc. Chances are if there is a style of play that you want to use, there is a Grass Type to fill that niche. With 7 types resisting Grass Type, you will be relying on other STAB moves. The current meta dictates that you will be fighting a lot of Fire Type Pokemon, particularly Charizard (Usually Mega) and Talonflame. Because of this, your Grass Mono Team must contain at least 2 Pokemon that can take several Fire Type attacks. But let's go over this step by step.

    Fighting Fire with Fire

    By the time you've constructed your Grass Mono Team, this type will be the bane of your existence. It isn't particularly more devastating than Grass Type's other weaknesses, but it is extremely threatening nonetheless. Ludicolo and Cradily have high enough Sp. Defense and Defense respectively, and take neutral damage from Fire Type. Both are very notable Pokemon for your teams and can pull their weight with the right support. The sooner you can remove your opponent's Fire Type Pokemon from the battle, the easier your match will be. Since most Fire Type Pokemon have low defenses, your best bet would be to take them out as soon as possible.

    Cooling Down

    Though not as common or daunting as Fire Type, never let your guard down when facing Ice Type. Mamoswine and Cloyster can dismantle your team if you are unprepared to deal with them. Yet again, Ludicolo can take a Blizzard and Ice Beam. Ferrothorn is a must as, from this point on, it will be your best friend. Both Ludicolo and Ferrothorn take neutral damage from Ice Type and both have ways of fighting back. Bringing a Breloom can also work as it hits Ice Types for Super Effective Damage. It is worth mentioning that Abomasnow takes neutral damage from Ice Type as well, though I really wouldn't recommend him for a Grass Mono Team. For dealing with Ice Type Pokemon, just make sure you have checks and balances in both Sp. Defense and Defense, and they won't be an issue.

    The Toxic Opponents

    Now for the one type that you won't see on almost every team. Poison Type is a very powerful type, but for some reason it is not as common in the meta. Some Pokemon you may see are Toxicroak and Venusaur, though they are rarely seen. This is a very good thing though, as you won't usually be packing a Ground Type or Psychic Type attack. For dealing with Poison Type Pokemon, it's imperative that you bring in Ferrothorn as he is completely immune to Poison Type attacks. Even if Poison was common, there are more than enough Grass/Poison Type Pokemon to take neutral damage from the type. The biggest issue when dealing with Poison Type Pokemon is that they cannot be Toxic stalled out. Either take them out with a Leech Seed stall or try to hit them with a strong neutral attack. Unless you are packing Torterra or Exeggutor, which I wouldn't recommend. But hey, it's your team.

    Soaring to New Heights

    Flying Type is like Fire Type in the fact that you can't take them lightly. Again, Charizard and Talonflame will be huge threats, especially Talonflame with Gale Wings. But just stay calm and you will be fine. I certainly hope you like playing with Ferrothorn, because he should be a staple on your team at this point. Cradily and Rotom Mow are also good at taking Flying Type attacks, but you need a way to deal with them. There's only so many Brave Birds that a wall can take. Cradily and Rotom Mow can hit Flying Types for Super Effective damage, otherwise you'll almost always be hitting for neutral damage. Most Flying Type Pokemon aren't very Sp. defensive or defensive, so you should be able to take them out with a Super Effective hit or a few neutral hits. Though sometimes, the best option is to stall out a Flying Type Pokemon with a defensive Ferrothorn.

    Buzz Off Bugs

    Scizor, Volcarona, and Galvantula. You'll be seeing these Pokemon a lot. So it's important to have something capable of taking a Bug Type attack. Surprise surprise, Ferrothorn is good at taking Bug Type attacks, as is Venusaur, Amoongus, Tropius, and Roserade. The real problem with Bug Type Pokemon is their other type, especially Volcarona. This Pokemon can destroy a Grass Mono Team, which means taking it out is a priority. Most Bug Type Pokemon have low Sp. Defense and Defense, meaning you can easily take them out with their numerous weaknesses, that is if you brought them. Normally I would list the best Pokemon to bring in, but there is only one that can handle most any Bug Type Pokemon, and that is Mega Venusaur. With good defenses and Thick Fat, it can handle even Volcarona.

    Notable Members

    So now that I've gone over all of these weaknesses of Grass Type, you might be thinking that making a Grass Mono Team is pointless. With so many things to worry about, it would be infinitely easier to just make a different Mono Team. But if you've made it this far, stick around and maybe I'll change your mind.

    1. Ferrothorn - Resists 4 of Grass Type's 5 weaknesses and has access to Spikes and Stealth Rock.
    2. Ludicolo - Resists 2 of Grass Type's 5 weaknesses with good Sp. Defense and a large movepool.
    3. Breloom - Access to Spore, Technician, and a high Attack stat.
    4. Venusaur - Access to a Mega Evolution and an all around high base stat total.
    5. Tangrowth - Very high Defensive stat and access to Regenerator.
    6. Whimsicott - Access to Prankster and can be very annoying for your opponent.
    7. Amoongus - Good Sp. Defensive and Defensive stats and access to Regenerator.
    8. Leafeon - Access to Chlorophyll with a high Attack stat.
    9. Sceptile - Access to Unburdened and a high Sp. Attack stat. (Not to mention, it will soon have a Mega Evolution.)
    10. Roserade - Very high Sp. Attack and Sp. Defense, access to Natural Cure, Toxic Spikes, and Aromatherapy.
    11. Leavanny - Access to Sticky Web and Baton Pass.
    12. Lilligant - Access to Own Tempo, Quiver Dance, Petal Dance, and a high Sp. Attack stat.
    13. Trevenant - Access to Harvest, Leech Seed, and Horn Leech with decent defensive stats.
    14. Chestnaught - High defensive stats and access to Spiky Shield.
    15. Rotom Mow - Good movepool and access to Will-o-Wisp.

    Final Thoughts

    Playing with a Grass Mono Team is definitely not the easiest type to play with. Common weaknesses and limited Mega Evolutions truly hold it back from being great. But if you put your time and effort into being creative and innovative, it can be extremely fun, extremely original, and yes extremely powerful. Grass Type controls the flow of battles, either speeding them up in a Breloom or Cacturne sweep, or slowing them down with a Tangela or Venusaur stall. The choice is yours, so stop reading and get to creating.

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    Re: Grass Type Mono Teams

    Post by Thomas on Fri Jul 11, 2014 1:00 pm

    Awesome thoughts and very detailed; it's obvious you've done your share of battling with a mono-grass team. Looks like you should be a very formidable gym leader Very Happy

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