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    Olivier Deriviere - Remember Me (Soundtrack)

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    Olivier Deriviere - Remember Me (Soundtrack)

    Post by DarkEnvy on Fri Jul 11, 2014 7:46 pm

    Olivier Deriviere - Remember Me (Soundtrack)

    Genre: Soundtrack / Electronic

    (Review originally posted on Sputnikmusic under my old name, ASnideReturns)

    Imagine a world in which neon lights spiraled over your head like a thousand connected fireflies. The ambience and atmosphere working hand in hand to whisk you away into the bright and intoxicating world. This is what the sound alone paints in regards to this beautiful world. Remember Me’s soundtrack is a fantastic blend of modern and classical compositions in which the composer is not afraid to blend the old and the new.

    There are three types of tracks here, electronic pieces, classical pieces, and tracks where the two are flawlessly interwoven. The electronic pieces are fantastically composed, incorporating a combination of subdued beats amalgamated with well mixed glitch effects and industrial style soundscapes for a backdrop. They pick up and keep an intoxicating pace on tracks such as “Fragments”, which help to absorb you into the rich encounters in the game. The string usage and other classic instruments are well balanced and never overdramatic. Songs like “Rise to the Light” are mellow, relaxing and well composed. They’re perfect for drawing you into the scene and before long you’ll forget they’re even there. The real strength of this soundtrack comes from the effortless streamlining of the two different styles on this album; the way they seamlessly fade into each other and how easy it is to forget that they’re even separate genres to begin with.

    The production values on this album are immense and every moment throughout the score works to its full effect. Every bass quiver has an impact, every glide across a string is clear and crisp, and every glitch is inserted charismatically into the mix. The inspiration and time that went into this soundtrack definitely paid off. Everything is well pronounced and nothing in the mix is prevalent to a detrimental point. In conclusion, Remember Me’s score works so well because of the blend between two styles separated by time and proves that regardless of the particular nature of a genre, that with enough effort and flair you can easily combine any two styles to great effect.


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