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    Kricketune [NU]

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    Kricketune [NU] Empty Kricketune [NU]

    Post by DarkEnvy on Mon Jun 09, 2014 6:29 pm


    Kricketune [NU] 250px-402Kricketune

    Bug (Weak to Flying, Rock and Fire types) (Resistant to Fighting, Ground and Grass types)

    Technician (Hidden)

    HP: 77
    Attack: 85
    Defense: 51
    Special Attack: 55
    Special Defense: 51
    Speed: 65

    BST (Base Stat Total): 384

    Notable Moves:

    Aerial Ace
    Brick Break
    Bug Bite
    Fell Stinger
    Knock Off
    Night Slash
    Power-Up Punch

    Heal Bell
    Hone Claws
    Perish Song
    Rain Dance
    Sticky Web
    Sunny Day
    Swords Dance


    Kricketune, one of NU's forgotten insects. With pitiful stats (the highest being its Attack at a below average 85) and a mediocre typing, one would wonder why anyone would use this forlorn bug; but luckily Kricketune has multiple saving graces. It's main boon is its fantastic ability Technician and having a perfect movepool to abuse it with, carrying gems such as Power-Up Punch, Knock Off, Night Slash and Brick Break. It also has a surprisingly extensive support movepool with moves such as Heal Bell, Sticky Web, Perish Song and Swords Dance. More often than not you'll find Kricketune's stats terribly limiting, but if you can find a workaround and boost up his attack via Technician Power-Up punch, than he can be a valuable team member.

    Set #1: Technician Power-Up Punch

    Kricketune @ Life Orb
    Ability: Technician
    EVs: 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe
    Jolly Nature
    - Power-Up Punch
    - Bug Bite / Fell Stinger
    - Aerial Ace
    - Knock Off

    Set Description:

    The point of this set is simple, use Power-Up Punch to gain attack boosts and gain momentum. The reason this move works well on Kricketune is because it's boosted due to Technician. It also gives Kricketune a way to deal with Steel types effectively while at the same time boosting its own attack power. Bug Bite is great Technician boosted STAB, however if you want to undergo a different strategy you could use Fell Stinger. Fell Stinger is a slightly weaker STAB move that is also boosted by Technician, however it has the advantage of increasing your attack by two stages if you finish an opponent with it. Meaning that if you run both Power-Up Punch and Fell Stinger, you'll be at +6 relatively quickly. Aerial Ace is a powerful Technician boosted move that allows you to deal with pesky Fighting types. Knock Off is a good choice for dealing with things wielding Eviolite.

    Other Options:

    Kricketune can run a support set using its good support movepool, whether it's setting up weather or healing statuses with Heal Bell. It also has a niche as a sweep stopper by running Perish Song and a Focus Sash. Swarm is a useless ability compared to Technician and thus should never be used, but if you are going to utilize it for some reason, replace Power-Up Punch with Brick Break and Bug Bite with X-Scissor. Kricketune is also a fantastic Baton Pass reciver, and the Technician set can very well utilize Speed Boosts from a Ninjask or something similar to gain attack boosts as Kricketune unfortunately has no natural way to boost its speed.

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