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    Analysis Template

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    Analysis Template

    Post by DarkEnvy on Sun Jun 15, 2014 3:15 pm

    Have you ever wanted to post your own analysis of a Pokemon on the forum? This is your chance! Just make sure you follow two simple rules.

    #1: Check to make sure a topic hasn't been posted with the Pokemon you want to analyze. If the Pokemon you want to analyze has a topic, simply post any additional information you want added to the topic / any extra sets, and either I, one of the staff, or the original topic creator will add it in for you.

    #2: Use this template as a basis, keep in mind that this template is the absolute minimum that can be in an analysis, if you want to add more feel free! The more information the better!


    [center][size=24]Name of Pokemon[/size]

    [img]URL of Pokemon's Image (use official artwork, preferably the smaller versions from Bulbapedia)[/img]

    Type(s) (Weak to [] types) (Resistant to [] types)

    Ability #1
    Ability #2 (Hidden)

    HP: #
    Attack: #
    Defense: #
    Special Attack: #
    Special Defense: #
    Speed: #

    BST (Base Stat Total): ###

    [size=18]Notable Moves:[/size]

    (List all notable offensive moves here, if a Pokemon can go Mixed, list both Physical and Special moves, if a Pokemon can't, just post the notable moves from its usable stat)

    (Post all non-offensive moves here)


    This is where you're supposed to describe in detail about the Pokemon, its strengths, weaknesses, niches, etc. Comparisons, Damage Calculations and situations are all notable things that you could add to help describe the Pokemon in greater detail and going the extra mile is always appreciated.

    [size=16]Set #1: Set Name[/size]

    Pokemon @ Item
    Ability: Ability
    EVs: # Stat / # Stat / # Stat (Or however many EVs you're using)
    () Nature
    - Move 1
    - Move 2
    - Move 3
    - Move 4

    (Make sure to slash in any moves that could be alternative options in the set)

    [size=18]Set Description:[/size]

    This is where you describe the main function of this set, what it does and how each move will help you in battle. This is also where you explain the usefulness of the alternative options that you have slashed in.

    [size=18]Other Options:[/size]

    Describe other possible movesets / options in this part right here. Nothing really else to say about this section, you could also describe what Pokemon this Pokemon works well with.


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