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    Post by DarkEnvy on Mon Jun 23, 2014 12:36 am

    Welcome to the Broken Glitch League!

    In here are all of the positions of the Glitch League. If you want to apply for a position and there isn't an application thread up. Please let me know via private message.

    Please note that the staff members choose the members of the Elite Four, so don't apply for those positions.

    :Elite Four:

    Champion: -
    Member #1: -
    Member #2: -
    Member #3: -
    Member #4: -

    :Gym Leaders:

    Dark Type: - DarkEnvy
    Fire Type: -
    Water Type: -
    Grass Type: - HarvestootH
    Ice Type: -
    Fighting Type: -
    Normal Type: -
    Poison Type: - Sefiroz
    Fairy Type: -
    Dragon Type: - BluuTwo
    Steel Type: -
    Rock Type: - Thomas
    Ground Type: -
    Ghost Type: -
    Flying Type: -
    Psychic Type: -
    Bug Type: - CoRN
    Electric Type: -

    - Coming Soon -

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    Welcome to the Broken Glitch Society! Contact me if you have any questions.

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