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    Framing Hanley - The Sum of Who We Are

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    Framing Hanley - The Sum of Who We Are

    Post by DarkEnvy on Fri Jul 11, 2014 7:49 pm

    Framing Hanley - The Sum of Who We Are

    Genre: Alternative Rock

    (Review originally posted on Sputnikmusic under my old name, ASnideReturns)

    People haven’t heard much of Framing Hanley since their massive decline in popularity following the release of their second album. This could be a good thing; their second album, while a fun ride, was also less sincere and introspective than their powerful debut. This album finds them focusing on what made them appealing in the first place and while it doesn’t reach the heights of their debut, it still leaves a lasting impact with its blend of mellow alternative rock and atmospheric song composition.

    The vocals are the highlight on every song on the album. Kenneth’s range has improved since their last album, as he is now able to hit higher notes with ease compared to the difficulty he had with previous releases. His ability to shift his tone from mellow to energetic and his very accessible pseudo-grunge vocal inflection helps give every song its own unique flair. He most often stays in his middle range which suits the instrumental style here. The lyricism covers the same topics from previous releases, often dealing with introspection, love and other various topics. The way they’re presented here isn’t cheesy or intolerable by any measure, but more could have been expected. There are multiple quotable phrases in songs such as “No Saving Me”, “Science” and “Collide.”

    The instrumentals have improved as well, there’s quite a variety of alt-rock jams to be found here. You have your melodic and relaxed songs that focus more on the atmosphere rather than the energy such as “No Saving Me” and “Castaway”, and you have your upbeat fast paced songs that put more effort into the energy given off such as “Simple Life”, “Collide” and “Criminal.” The guitars offer some tasty riffs in the vein of Breaking Benjamin, simplistic yet packed full of energy. There are occasional solos throughout the album as well, they’re short and sweet as to not overstay their welcome. The drums and bass plod along as well, sporting nice fills and lines respectively. The production has also improved since the second album; it’s a muddier style, but everything remains perfectly audible and focused.

    Framing Hanley may have dropped out of the public eye, but this new album proves that they’re not out of the woods yet. Whether they’ll match the atmospheric qualities found on their debut remains to be seen, but this album proves they’re more than capable of churning out some solid alternative rock.


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